Demo 2016

by Stay Away

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Micah The beat down in One Eye Open \m/ Favorite track: One Eye Open.
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released January 19, 2016



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Stay Away Lemon Grove, California

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Track Name: One Eye Open
I've never felt so close to death
On my neck I can feel his breath Trapped in a black box
Watching the time
One grain of sand at a time
I'm losing my mind
When time runs out
The pain will stop
The glass flipped over
It's now full on top
Have I cheated death?
Or am I the one cheated?
I signed up for life
But the fine print, I didn't read it
The breath on my neck
wasn't real at all
Just the ac unit
That's attached to the wall
The darkness in my room
Is more then just shadows
The face in the mirror
Not even I know

Silver with lights
The reflections too bright
Afraid of the dark
At age twenty five
Told it's all in my head
It's all my perception
Straight to the point
It was alien abduction

Sleep with one eye open
Track Name: Break Away
They know where you're at
They know what you're doing
They control everything
Down to the food that you're eating
The eye that never blinks
They know what you think
It's matter of time
Til they drown u in your sink

You cannot run
You cannot hide
You cannot escape
From the all seeing eye

You are controlled
Until the day that you die

Break away.
You must break away
Track Name: Pressure To Rest
Broken heart led to a broken mind
Lying to myself like everything's fine

Stuck with the short end of the stick
The cloud around me feels so thick
A hallway full of nooses and guns
Flax around my legs prevents the run

Lucifers chains tight around my neck
To think that this is my reality check
Wen you talk to god, tell him im sorry
For turning my back in all my fury

Got past the trials
made it out the door
Just to realize
I'm where I was before
ill run towards the light
And I'll forget the rest
Heal my heart.
In death I'll rest
Track Name: What Would You Know?
If you wonder if we're friends
We're probably not
Cus my friends & my family
It's all I got
I trust them,
And they trust me
If you won't put your neck out
Talk is cheap
Issues with me,
I can handle my own
But cross my family?
That's where u went wrong

Let's all be friends
But no room for fakes
Let's squash the beef
If that's what it takes
Mood swings
It's the least of my worries
When the group swings
That's when you'll be buried

I won't burn a bridge
It's way passed that
Imma burn your house down
And leave it at that
You want confrontation?
No room for conversation
For the ones I love
Fades with no hesitation

When life hands you lemons
You move to the grove
It's called hometown pride
But what would you know
Track Name: Out Of My Head
Pretty on the outside
Harmless to touch
I'd never leave it outside to rust

One sided tape and I'm stuck on you
I refuse to think it wasn't true

Left out to dry, left all alone
The issues u had, how could I have known?

I see your picture, my heart sinks
I thought I saw u, but then I blinked

A marage, I wish u weren't real
But why are you in my dreams still

Watching the sunset, in the distance I stare
I wish that I didn't still care


I hate you
I hate that I love you.